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Personal References for Darrell

Phil Isenberg

Former Vice-Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council (ret. March 2016)

"Darrell Steinberg is a champion for Sacramento's water and environmental interests..." ...read more

Annie Notthoff

State Director, National Resources Defense Council - NRDC (Title for identification purposes only)

"Darrell Steinberg is an environmental champion who gets results. He brings people together to find solutions that work for the delta environment and for the people who live there." ...read more

Jay Ziegler 

Director of External Affairs and Policy, The Nature Conservancy (Title for identification purposes only)

"Darrell led the fight to pass the landmark 2009 water package that ensures the Delta ecosystem is protected." ...read more

Kim Delfino

California Program Director, Defenders of Wildlife (Title for identification purposes only)

"Darrell Steinberg has worked hard to protect the Delta and Northern California's environment." ...read more

Dennis Mangers


"Darrell has worked tirelessly on behalf of people whose aspirations, hopes and dreams were being frustrated by bigotry, ignorance and discrimination." ...read more

Jennifer Fearing


"Darrell Steinberg has an extraordinary record of humane leadership...I support Darrell’s vision for a more humane and compassionate Sacramento and look forward to voting for him as our next mayor." ...read more

Merri Lynn Carver

South Natomas

"Darrell’s leadership in standing against bigotry and hatred made an impression on my son that he carries to this day." ...read more

Maggy Krell

Land Park

"I'm supporting Darrell because he'll uplift those who need us most..." ...read more

Maggie Merritt


"After watching Sacramento grow and develop for 50 years, I know Darrell Steinberg is exactly what Sacramento needs right now." ...read more

Robbie Waters

Former Sacramento City Councilmember & Sacramento County Sheriff

Darrell is someone who will make the tough decisions to balance the budget, reduce burdensome regulations for business and diversify our local economy. ...read more

Todd Reiners

"...I knew Darrell’s compassion for the poor and the homeless was real..." ...read more

Genevieve Shiroma

SMUD Board Member

"As our Mayor, Darrell will be a strong leader, providing for our neighborhoods..." ...read more

Jia Wang-Connelly


"Darrell has a plan to make Sacramento the most livable city in the United States: attract high quality businesses and help local businesses to grow..." ...read more

Bill Edgar

Former Sacramento City Manager, President of the Central Valley Flood Protection Board

"Darrell authored and carried public safety legislation giving the Central Valley Flood Protection Board a streamlined process and the legal tools to take action and protect the public." ...read more

Mike Villines

Former Assemblyman and co-recipient of the Profiles in Courage Award along with Darrel Steinberg and two other Legislative Leaders in 2010. ...read more

Kendra Macias

Colonial Village

"Sacramento’s success is tied to livability—we can’t look past issues of affordable housing or mental health....Darrell addresses those issues." ...read more

Laura Braden


"I'm supporting Darrell because he understands...the importance of community pride and collaboration..." ...read more

Kiyomi Burchill

Land Park

"Darrell is truly invested in our city and helping its next generation of leaders to succeed..." ...read more

Tre Borden


"Darrell is the only candidate with the experience and ability to bring people to the table who may not see eye to eye in the service of getting things done..." ...read more


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